Specialty: Nonprofit Organization


Has this happened to you?

A volunteer comes in and adds functionality to the organization’s website. Then the volunteer leaves and nobody knows how the functionality really works. The staff, already stretched thin, doesn’t have the time to learn how it works and the website quickly gets out of date.

Your organization needs a new function added to the site, such as a streamlined way to take donations. There’s no money to hire a web developer, or time to look for someone who can recommend the right solution. The project is left undone, and donations are missed.

The website suddenly begins having technical problems, but the organization doesn’t have the technical expertise to even know where to begin to solve the problem. The time to figure out the problem is time taken from the organization’s mission.

We will:

  • Keep your site’s back end up to date with software updates
  • Implement and TEST a backup process that you can count on
  • Help set standards so your site is consistent, professional, and efficient
  • Manage users with security in mind
  • Keep your site running fast
  • Implement current best practices for search engine optimization (SEO)

We understand the challenges you face as a nonprofit organization. We can provide continuity and stability for your website.

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